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Joycelyn Wilson is available for keynotes; student, teacher, and administrator workshops; motivational speaking; and media appearances. She is also available to contribute social and cultural commentary on multiple platforms, including print, online, and video. 

Topics include and related to the following three areas: 

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Cultural Resilience and Politics of Race, Class, and Gender in Popular Culture and Media; Issues in American Schooling; Black, Female, and Navigating Academia

Learning Design, Media, and Technology Studies

Women in Hip Hop; Southern Hip Hop, Trap Music, and the Post Civil Rights Generations; Using Virtual Reality in Learning Design Practices; The Hip Hop Archive as Technology of Representation; Practices for Using Popular Culture in the Undergraduate Classroom; Engaging the Lyrics of Outkast and Trap Music to Explore Politics of Social Justice; Using Hip Hop Culture in the Secondary and Post-Secondary Classroom (for teachers and students)

Ethnography and Ethnographic Methods

Digital Archiving as Ethnographic Method, Autoethnography, Digital Ethnography

For more information or to book Joycelyn Wilson, submit an inquiry or contact using the following: 

Phone: 404 981 2821



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