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Dr. Joycelyn Wilson is available for keynotes, campus lectures, student, teacher, and administrator workshops, motivational and inspirational addresses, roundtable discussions, and media appearances.

Topics include:


 Hip Hop in Popular Culture

– Women in Hip Hop

– Global influences of Hip Hop culture

 Hip Hop Pedagogy  

– Hip Hop across the college leadership mission

– Hip Hop, social justice, & civic engagement

– Integrating Hip Hop in Math curriculum

 Schooling in American Society 

– Teacher recruitment, preparation, & retention

– Understanding the charter school movement

– 21st Century public schooling

 Celebrating Black Girlhood

– Self-esteem building in young women of color


To book Dr. Wilson, contact information:

Phone: 404 423 0831 (

Office: 540 231 0399

Email: or